This is “podcast heroes”

A behind the scenes podcast by Smart Media Agency. Throughout our episodes we’re giving you a little peek into the office of our fast growing media agency. From print to podcasts and from native articles to social media. We are doing it all.

Even though these new opportunities are very exciting, we are most excited about the people that are making it happen. In “Podcast heroes” we introduce you to our content heroes that put in 110% effort every day.

Curious about the amazing individuals that are working with us?

Then you came to the right place! Listen to our Smarties as they tell you everything about working at our fast pace, sometimes crazy, mostly fun company. Don’t worry, we’re keeping it real and even their biggest fuck ups and personal wins are being discussed.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out! Oh and to answer your question, yes we are still hiring, click on our careers page and find out what opportunities we have for you. Hopefully we will see you soon!

episode 1
project manager

In our first episode we are emerging you into the life of a Project Manager. Together with Matthias and Yiman, we answer the question “What does a Project Manager at Smart Media Agency do?”. They sat together with our host Alvaro and spoke to him about creating kick ass content together with the biggest names in the business, their favourite print campaigns and the things they are learning every day.

It’s not only serious talk of course, in the quick fire round you get to know Matthias and Yiman on a personal level. You want to have an even more personal look into the life of a Project Manager? No problem! Head over to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and check out the vlog made by our very own Matthias and his turtle Oscar. Enjoy!

episode 2
seeds of happiness

In this second episode, we are once again emerging you into the life of our Project Managers. But not just any Project Managers because Maria and Emilie are working on a very important side project. 

At Smart Media Agency we wanted to use our resources to do good, instead of just having fun, we decided to start our own good cause called Seeds of Happiness. Next to creating awesome campaigns Maria and Emilie are working on an event that will be helping youngsters that have experienced mental difficulties.

Last week we found out what a Project Manager does but what kind of other tasks do Maria and Emilie have? Find out in episode two of “Podcast Heroes”. Want to take a more personal look into the lives of Maria and Emilie? Say no more! Head over to our social media accounts and check out their vlogs. Enjoy!

episode 3
account manager

You know what they say: 3rd time’s a charm, well this 3rd episode is a charm for sure. For today’s episode Alvaro sat together with the man, the myth, the legend, Niels, Niels Diependaele. He started out as Project Manager but after putting in the effort and showing an unmatched passion he got promoted to Account Manager Video and Native. Now he is the captain of his own department working on big projects with partners that are in it for the long run.

But what is Niels most proud of since working at Smart Media Agency? And what were his first thought when he walked into our office for his job interview? Alvaro asks it all.

Interested to find out the differences between a Project Manager and Account Manager and ready to meet one of our most iconic employees? Go listen to episode 3 of Podcast Heroes! Enjoy!