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Social media has become an expert job. How do you reach your target group and how do you engage your fans with your brand? Having a social media presence without an appropriate strategy and plan can be just as damaging for your business as having no plan at all.

We are a team of experts who turn your content marketing strategy into attractive social media content and turn your followers into fans of your brand.

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random social media tactics
lead to random results. you need a strategy.

the process


First we listen to you. What are your business objectives? What are your challenges? What do you want to achieve? B2B or B2C? We open our ears and heart to become one with your brand.


Through an intake session, we analyse data and we look at the customer journey.


Our objective is to guide and draw the best strategy for our partners and then apply it by mastering the latest news that the social networks offer us by maximising results. We create a tailor-made roadmap, including concrete KPIs for your business.

content creation

We dive into your brands DNA to make meaningful and powerful content. Our secret is a mix of strong copy (Dutch, French and English) combined with digital natives and a team of fantastic designers. Dont forget that social media gives your brand a voice.


Social media has been around for 10 years or more. Every day, there is a new content being created, but when and where to publish? A plan for properly promoting content online, whether its linking to the latest blog post or sharing a new e-book is very important. A content distribution strategy ensures that your content is seen by the entire world.


Social media reporting is one of the key aspects. It plays an important role in developing and improving your strategies and objectives leading to successful media campaign. The figures will guide us to success.

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