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Podcasts are gaining in popularity because they inform, engage and entertain an audience in a personal way. We are specialised in the strategic creation of podcasts that are needed to grow brands, businesses and people. With the format being the creative medium and the content knowledge of our journalists and producers, your podcast will be a great success.

Take a look at our own internal podcasts and the ones we create for external partners, and check out the different possibilities for working together! 

your podcast content should not be about you, but about solving your prospects’ problems.

testimonials or promo audio

This is a format in which we let companies talk about a particular topic, product, service, event, workshop, etc. The partner chooses who will speak and we, together with your team, develop a scriptwith the information that must be included. 

This can either involve a fully commercial message – for example testimonials from people saying how great a product is – or it can also have a more neutral approach, like a succession of opinions/expertise. 

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At Smart Media Agency we believe that stories are ingrained in everything that we, human beings, do. Relevant and valuable content provides us with the information we need to have a better understanding, but furthermore it informs, engages and entertains our target audience. So we deliver bespoke content solutions, wrapped in recognisable and memorable stories through print, video, native advertising, social media and podcasts.


An exposition of a certain topic: you can work with an interviewer or voice-over who talks the whole thing through and really turns it into a story. Here it is as well advisable to work with a predetermined and elaborate script, so that there is a nice and clear structure to the audio piece.

We also recommend to have a maximum of two to three people speaking (depending on the length), and to keep the tone as neutral as possible. The length of a report is generally longer than a testimonial.

internal podcast for companies – towards employer branding

We can also help companies with the creation of internal podcasts. This would then be for the company itself, within a more employer branding oriented framework.

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