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Smart Media Agency elevates your brand at the intersection of business and society. We live by the idea that reality beats fiction. That is why we use editorial methods and true stories to engage audiences.


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Whether itprintvideopodcast, or social media: quality content is at the centre of all of it. We navigate each content creation using the best storytelling techniques, by setting the right tone, implementing top language skills, and set up clear communication throughout the whole process. In this way, we ensure a tailor-made impact and reach the right audience at the right time.


Trust the process: three words we greatly live by. Building on our many years of expertise in the world of content marketing, we completely rely on the numerous and various skillsets our entire internal team holds, as well as putting trust in our incredible team of freelance content creators who have been with us for many years. Furthermore, we highly value a trusted relationship with our partners – communication, sharing expertise, all-round creative thinking, and steady follow-ups form very important aspects of this process.


Different departments, a whole range of partners in every (business) sector imaginable, and a mixture of competences? We have it all, we juggle it all, but we move as one. If you’re a part of Smart Media in any way, there’s no ambiguity on what we stand for together. This transparency creates a safe place to work hard and smart, to create quality content together and to question things and grow – not only as an employee, but as a person. And we are always right there with you when you do.


Authenticity, oh how we love it! Its very important to continuously create and hold a space for everybody to genuinely be themselves, without fear of judgment. Where differences, blind spots and information gaps are the starting points for new ideas, honest communication, changes in perspective, creative brainstorms, positive critical thinking, and so on. We believe that to truly be yourself in a diverse team is the most valuable asset a company can have.


We care a whole lot about the kind of content we create and its quality, but we care even more about the people behind every story and the people we create our content for and write our stories about. Therefore, it is of great importance to us to reach and involve as many people as possible, where accessibility, recognition and understanding are always sought after, with positive communication as a result, completely free from stereotypes.


why smart media?

"Working at Smart Media Agency is a unique journey! As a Digital Media Specialist at Smart Media Agency, I'm happy to say that working with my team and clients is a unique opportunity to grow as a person. Not one day is the same, I love the variety and challenges Smart Media Agency offers me."


Digital Media Specialist

"To me, working at Smart Media means giving his best on a daily basis, both for your colleagues and for the customers, being flexible and always find the best way to success. Being part of this team is quite an exciting journey!"


Digital Solutions Manager

"Smart Media is a very supportive environment that encourages creativity, curiosity and growth. But fika on wednesdays is lowkey the biggest reason I love my job, I am but a simple woman."


Project Manager

"I've always loved working with people, helping people, and I've always been a service-oriented person. At Smart Media, these three points merge every day as I work with my colleagues to create solutions, stories and opportunities for our clients. For me, Smart Media means family, friendship and learning every day."


Senior Key Account Manager

"I really like the international atmosphere at Smart Media. You meet incredible people! So incredible that you can find real friends. We feel like part of a big family."


Senior Project Manager

"At Smart Media it’s all about discovering where your strengths and limits lie. We focus on challenging ourselves and each other to professionally grow in every possible way"


Account Manager Social Media


Our employees are the foundation of our success. We know that. We love to see them succeed and be rewarded for their hard work. We like to have fun and make every day a great day!

Our motto? ‘Work hard, play hard’

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