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We are at the point where we can say that Smart Media is a success story. We have a very big platform and influential network which we use to share a lot of content out in the world where we shed light on important topics like inclusivity, sustainability and diversity.

Now, it’s time to start to practice what we preach. Instead of just putting out content that will inspire people, we want to use our platform and network to actually start helping people and to make a positive impact within our community.



By creating collaborations between the Seeds Of Happiness team and our partners, which are influential companies within different business sectors, we want to create projects and events where we join forces to help different people from diverse walks of life. We will use our ability of storytelling and the products and services of our partners to create a positive change and to put a smile on people’s faces.

Everyone deserves a little bit of extra attention, to be heard and to feel valued. We, at Seeds of Happiness and Smart Media Agency in general, want to provide a safe haven and a community for them. But mostly, we want to make them feel heard.

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