A memorable print ad creates a memorable experience which will turn your audience into customers. In this digital age, grabbing the attention of your audience is key. Print is a strategic craft that sets stories in ink. It reaches out, touches, changes and not least of all, sticks around. Our focus is content marketing and through print media, we also share valuable and relevant stories.

Benefits of print media

  • Trust – 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method

  • Relaxing quality experience when reading

  • Tangible experience – multi dimensional

  • Slows down time

  • Absorb information faster

  • Unedited, final product

  • Emotional impression

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How can we work together in print?

Fokus themed campaigns 

Our editorial team has decades of experience on Europes biggest media channels. Leverage the power of a great editor to ensure that your content achieves a high level of editorial excellence. Use our custom services to ensure your content is always on-brand, on-voice, optimised, and meeting a high level of editorial excellence.

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Business magazine

Our B2B editions are the purest form of thought leadership.  The comfort zone of contemporary and future decision makers. Whether its business, innovation, tech or health, we provide content that sticks. Sector trends, exclusive interviews, a specialty magazine with the reach of national media. Where better to position your brand?

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Lifestyle magazine

Imagine engaging with hundreds of thousands consumers in the right place, at the right time, in the right context. Undisturbed, with full focus. Can you feel the power of such a moment? This is what we do with our B2C publications. We connect brands with people, in the least intrusive way possible: by giving them content they want to read.

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The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper.

Thomas Jefferson

Brand magazine

Print never goes out of style. More than that, we see a significant shift from digital back to traditional media. Why? Respected brands want to position themselves in a trustworthy context. Now imagine this: A magazine, revolving around your company and its people, set in a beautiful design, fuelled by journalistic excellence, distributed in a leading and respected national newspaper.


Case Heytens | print advertorial

Fokus Ma Maison creates the perfect connection, not only between company and consumer, but also between expert and interested reader. That way, it not only inspires young and old, but also people eager to build, buy or renovate, to make their house a true home.

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Case Fujitsu | print & native online

Through our campaign Fokus IT we want to make companies feel confident about taking steps towards digitalisation. We bring the digital leaders together and together with them, we decipher the code of innovation.

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