Heytens as national top-of-mind brand in qualitative decoration

Campaign: Fokus Ma Maison | October 2017
Distribution Channel: Le Vif / L’Express
Readers: 1.096.200
Business focus: Decoration
Location: International business
(France, Luxemburg, Swiss, Belgium)
Smart Solutions: Advertorial in print

In Belgium, house prices went up by 5% last year. On top of that, over 30% of all space in Flanders is taken up by housing. Therefore, public space and housing needs to be filled in in a smarter, more compact and sustainable way.

This Fokus Ma Maison creates the perfect connection, not only between company and consumer, but also between expert and interested reader. That way, it not only inspires young and old, but also people eager to build, buy or renovate, to make their house a true home.

The combination of the promotional aspect of our communication and the editorial part made a strong case for our brand, increasing visibility nationally.

Sylvie Verhulst | Communication Manager Belux


As a strong international brand with a large visibility in Flanders, Heytens and Smart Media came to the conclusion that Heytens’ popularity was not shared in the southern part of our country. On the short-term, the company aimed on getting more visibility for their promotion, on the long-term they wanted more awareness and to become top-of-mind on in-house decoration in Wallonia too. They wanted to display their high-quality products and lower the threshold for customers to try them out.


Heytens decided to unite forces to speak to a broad target group. They not only appeared in Fokus Ma Maison, but also in Fokus Femme. In Fokus Ma Maison they appeared with an advertorial on the backpage of the publication. This gave them the space to display their products and promotion in a very clear and visual way, while also being able to focus on creating more brand awareness in the editorial part of the ad. Together with a frontpage banner accompanied by a strong call to action, which was linked to a strong influencer on the cover of the publication, they managed to encourage new – and existing – customers to try out their products.


The appearance in both publications boosted the ROI and top-of-mind awareness of the brand immensely. The elaborate backpage advertorial combined with a strong CTA by the brand on the cover, lead to great results for the promotion of their products and awareness in Wallonia. This was a great asset to the marketing campaign, giving the brand the final boost it needed to be fully launched in Wallonia.