our history

smart company

Together everyone achieves more. that is what we believe at smart media. Our story begins with the people working at smart media. Thanks to strong leaders we can be even harder, better, faster and stronger together. We shape our future, we shape the future of content. Together.

our purpose is to identify ‘information gaps’ in different industries and address them with leading research, content, expertise and design that educates and broadens perspectives for a specific audience. this is how we bring the values of publishing into content marketing.

marcus carloni

founder / chairman of the board


first steps in sweden

This is the year where it all began. Marcus Carloni and Fredrik Lagergren started Smart Media in Malmö, Sweden. They published the first supplement ‘Baby Boom’ together. From that time, in was on. In september they hired the first project manager and published the second supplement ‘International Expansion’. The office expanded as well and moved to Stockholm, where our headquarters are still located.


on a roll

Not even a year after its launch, Smart Media was already among the largest in Sweden and published themed supplements in Norway as well.


swiss expansion

In 2009 we made our first step across borders and opened an office in Zürich. It was a confirmation of our vision and determination. It also marked the beginning of a great international adventure.


to the heart of europe

Three years later the company took another big step towards serving the world of content. A new office in Antwerp would quickly grow to one of the most successful ones and become a full serving agency for the whole of Belgium and The Netherlands.

inspirational something

bhagwan shree rajneesh


digital take-off

Our yearly kick-off in Stockholm was a promising one. After a lot of trial and error we found our way to extend our business into the digital world. We kickstarted a huge network of focused websites that serve as information and inspiration portals for specific industries. And we’re still developing more digital content solutions.


to the stars and beyond

Smart Media is now one of the leading players in this fast growing industry. And we keep on growing. With 4 offices in Stockholm, Zürich, Antwerp and Hamburg and 110 employees we will continue to produce relevant content offline and online. In Sweden we have applied to become a Great Place to Work®, but in all countries we aim to stay on top. 2016 was also the year we started Flowbox.